Infinite Society Started as an idea in a very small studio apartment from one artist with a passion to create clothing that had the nostalgic silhouettes but with a modern cut. A brand that can resonate an inner feeling of the Clothing you grew up on but with an updated look. He created something he would later call the basis of the brand as “Modern Nostalgia”.

It started out with one shirt and a dream which grew into jackets, hats, sports collections, limited cut and sew pieces, collaborations with bigger and like minded brands and into a larger team That shares the same vision. Infinite society is  based out of NY, we curate collections off the basis of Cultures and subcultures that last forever from art, to politics, and history. It’s Youth rebel culture fused with old dirty gritty Reagan Era NY, with a hint of original art. Nothing trendy just raw feelings and emotions displayed over a blank canvas of clothing.