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With so many clothing options to choose from at retail stores, you might feel simultaneously overwhelmed and frustrated. You have so many looks to sort through, yet you can’t seem to find clothes that fit your personal style anywhere. You need street wear that looks as unique or classic as you do. But where you do you find products that meet your needs?

Infinite Society designs fashion for people just like you. From our location in New York, we create modern classics out of clothing collections and art, and we give you the ability to express your originality through our products. You have a unique and powerful personality, and your outerwear should reflect that.

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We offer multiple clothing collections for you to choose from, which range from the nostalgic to the brand new. Each of our clothing items features high-quality fabric and craftsmanship as well as a unique cut and design. We take pride in the fact that we can give you different clothing items—after all, we want you to be a trendsetter, not a trend follower.

Learn more about our street wear selection by browsing the products below. Click through the links to add each product to your cart or learn more about sizing.

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